Weber Spirit vs Genesis

spirit vs genesis

What is the difference between Weber Spirit and Genesis? Let’s discover the truth about these stuff below. The comparison of Weber Spirit vs Genesis.

If you are searching for how to get quality gas grills, but don’t have enough knowledge or experiences about gas grills such as Weber grills, you can check out our analysis. After learning the reviews, you will be able to decide on which grills – The Weber Spirit and The Weber Genesis – that you want to buy.

In order to pick up the right ones that you are looking for, you should go through the comparison. This will help you make the check list to see which one is better. By walking through the highlights of both grills including features, prices, functions, sizes…, you will be able to see the differences between these gas grills. Below is the specific comparison that you can have a look to get ideas, and then you can come up with the right model you want.

The best top 10 models of Weber Spirit Versus Weber Genesis:

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Weber Spirit Model: It has several models released. These models are being sold on markets: Weber Spirit E-310, Webere Spirit E-210, Weber Spirit E220, Weber Spirit E-330, Weber Spirit II E-310, Weber Spirit II E-210, Weber Spirit S-210

Weber Genesis Model: It also has several models released recently. However, these models are 2nd generation (II), being sold on markets: Weber Genesis II E-310, Weber Genesis II E-410, Weber Genesis II E-210, Weber Genesis II LX E-340, Weber Genesis II LX E-440, Weber Genesis II E-610, Weber Genesis II LX E-240, Weber Genesis II LX S-640, Weber Genesis II LX S-340, Weber Genesis II LX S-440,Weber Genesis II LX S-240


Both Weber Spirit and Weber Genesis has power from Gas, Propane Gas, and Natural Gas.


Both offer outstanding quality. However, the Weber Spirit features a lower grade of stainless steel while the Weber Genesis features a higher grade of stainless steel. Both are well-constructed grills with high quality. In fact, Weber Genesis is a bit more quality than Weber Spirit.

The S-Models

Both the Spirit and Genesis ones have the S-models.

Spirit: S-210

Genesis: S-240, S-340, S-440, S-640

The S-models are exactly the same as the E-models, but still have some different features mentioned below:

– Stainless steel cooking grates and flavorizer bars instead of porcelain-enamel coated cast iron (Genesis only)
– Stainless steel shroud instead of porcelain enamel shroud (Genesis and Spirit)

Decision on Weber Spirit or Genesis

As mentioned above, the Weber Genesis models seem to offer better quality in stainless steel construction while the Weber Spirit models offer a lower grade of stainless steel construction although both are high quality. Price is also different; you may pay extra for Weber Genesis. However, it is worth of investment with the price.

With the Weber Spirit models, you can fulfill your cooking requirements with affordable budget. This model commonly meets your needs and requirements.

In our point of view, we see that the Weber Genesis is worth of investment if you are looking for long term durability and quality. This model gives you everything that you need. Speding a bit more is not problem with this model.

However, we just give you suggestion and recommendation. You yourself make your own choices. You can consider your budget, your requirements, and needs to come up with final decision. Spending a few more bucks can help you have a model with a side burner. It is worth of investment for later using.

Below is the comparison table that you can have a look at in order to get general ideas about the difference between the Spirit and Genesis. These are the most popular models being sold and used widely by users.

The Most Popular Models

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VersionSpirit E-210Spirit E-310Spirit II E-210Genesis II E-210Spirit II E-310Genesis II E-310
Click here to buy on AmazonClick here to buy on AmazonClick here to buy on AmazonClick here to buy on AmazonClick here to buy on AmazonClick here to buy on Amazon
ColorBlack (LP)Black (LP)Red (LP)Black (LP)Red (LP)Black (LP)
Cooking System
Stainless-steel Burners232233
BTU (main burners)26,50032,00026,50026,00030,00037,500
GratesPorcelain-enameled, Cast-ironPorcelain-enameled, Cast-ironPorcelain-enameled, Cast-ironPorcelain-enameled, Cast-ironPorcelain-enameled, Cast-ironPorcelain-enameled, Cast-iron
Flavorizer BarYesYesYesYesYesYes
Cooking Area
Cooking Area (Primary)360 Square inches424 Square inches360 Square inches380 Square inches424 Square inches513 Square inches
Warming Rack Area90 Square inches105 Square inches90 Square inches114 Square inches105 Square inches156 Square inches
Cooking Area (Total)450 Square inches529 Square inches450 Square inches494 Square inches529 Square inches669 Square inches
Heavy-duty, swivel back casters22----
Heavy-duty, swivel front-locking casters22---2
Stainless-steel fold-down tables2NALeft sideLeft sideLeft sideLeft side
Stainless-steel work surfaces22-2-2
Front-mounted control panelYesYes----
Grease tray with catch pan (Front access)YesYes-Yes-Yes
Painted enclosed steel cabinet with painted-steel doorYesYes-Yes-
Fuel GaugeYesYesYesYesYesYes
Owner's guide & grilling guideYesYesYesYesYesYes
Limited warrantyYesYesYesYesYesYes
Tool hooks666666
SpecialNANAGS4, iGrill3GS4, iGrill3GS4, iGrill3GS4, iGrill3
Weight114 pounds130 pounds100 pounds140 pounds110 pounds150 pounds
Dimension50 x 32 x 63 inch32 x 52 x 63 inch48 x 26 x 57 inch32 x 33 x 26 inch52 x 26 x 57 inch32 x 33 x 26 inch
Material TypeSteelStainless SteelStainless SteelStainless SteelStainless SteelStainless Steel
Power SourceLiquid PropaneLiquid PropaneLiquid PropaneLiquid PropaneLiquid PropaneLiquid Propane