Product Review: Masterbuilt 40″ Electric Smoker with Window

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  • 975 Square Inches of Cooking Space
  • Remote Control Access to Smoking Time, Temperature, and Meat Temperature
  • Redesigned Drip Pan and Wood Chip Tray


  1. Holds Temperature. The Masterbuilt 40″ Electric Smoker will keep your meat at constant temperature, fluctuations won’t throw a wrench into your plans of smoking. You can put in a large pork butt for 11 hours at 225 degrees Farenheit, and your smoker will hold the temperature constantly without problem. As a result, your meat will come out more tender and moist then anything you have likely tasted before.
  2. Stainless Steel Outer Cabinet. Masterbuilt has upped the ante even higher with this model of their famous electric smokers. First and foremost, this smoker will strike you as a beautiful machine with the shine and sleekness of the stainless steel build. Great to pair with a stainless steel grill.
  3. Well-Insulated, Smoke in Winter Temps. Keep your smoke in the smoker, don’t let it flow out instantly. Now, you want to regulate smoke outflow to some degree, but you don’t want it to flow out instantly. The only way smoke will escape is if you open the front door, which you should not do while the meat is cooking. Just look through the window if you want to get a peak of your meat.
  4. Easy and Automated Cooking. All you have to do is replenish wood chips into the smoker, otherwise this smoker will take care of itself. Electric smokers are so convenient as there is no sort of ‘tending the fire’ involved, the philosophy of ‘set it, and forget it’ is what reigns supreme here. Even better, you can check the internal meat temperatures on your remote control without even having to bend down and open your smoker.
  5. Smoke Massive Amounts of Meat. Cook multiple briskets, full racks of ribs, a 20 lb turkey, and pork butts. You will be amazed by the spacious accommodations of the Masterbuilt 40″ Electric Smoker. Smoking food for a large party will be easy, and you will likely have room to spare even if your smoking racks of ribs and multiple pork butts at a time. If you’re just cooking for a family of four, there will be too much space.
  6. Use Aluminum Foil. To avoid mess, wrap your meats in aluminum foil to prevent the drippings from falling to the drip tray and splattering your new smoker. As an added benefit, the drippings form a pool of flavor in the aluminum foil that your meat can simmer in.
  7. Portable Thanks to Wheels. Moving your smoker around will be easy thanks to the wheels on the bottom of this smoker. If you need to move your smoker to a more sheltered location in the Winter or on a windy day, you won’t have to deal with the problem of picking up a heavy metal box, just wheel it over to the desired location. If you want to take your smoker to a family gathering for Thanksgiving, just wheel the smoker to your truck or car, and load it in.
  8. Remote Control Your Smoker. Albeit the range of the remote control is only 25′ (feet) or so, but this does make things a tad easier. No longer will you be forced to bend down and poke around a control panel to get the vital information. Just walk out to your patio and get a readout from your remote control about the meat temperature and your set. You can even get readouts from inside your house if you are close enough to your smoker, but don’t expect to access it from the second floor of your home.
  9. Easy to Assemble. Essentially your Masterbuilt Smoker will already be assembled from right out of the box. All you have to do is screw on a few wheels, a couple handles, and some other odds and ends. No partner will be needed to assemble this smoker, it is more than easy enough for just a single person. Just be sure to remove the packing material that is packed inside the smoker itself.
  10. Side Access Wood Chip Tray. Not having to open the front door of your smoker is a massive time and energy saver. Adding wood chips to the side of is quick and easy, just pull the tray out and add a few wood chips. For a smoking of 4-8 hours, expect to refill the wood chip tray 3-5 times.


  1. Cleaning the Window. After each smoke, you should clean up the Masterbuilt’s window as it can get dirty and foggy after each cookout. Just get a microfiber cloth and a mixture of warm water and white vinegar, then wipe the window down. Cleanup is fast and simple, but having to clean an extra component after each smoke is annoying when compared to non-window smokers.
  2. Timer is Not a Real Timer. If you think your timer is going to be just an alarm, be warned, the timer shuts your smoker down. Timing when to put wood chips in would be a convenient little addition to the Masterbuilt Smoker, but that is not what the timer is for. Instead, use the timer as a shutoff feature so as to prevent overcooking of your meat just in case you forget about cooking time.
  3. Smoking at Lower Temperatures. If you want to smoke below 225 degrees Fahrenheit, it is awfully tough to get this smoker to go below that temperature for some reason. Perhaps Masterbuilt built this smoker in order to get you to buy the Masterbuilt Cold Smoker Attachment.
  4. Reports of Malfunctions. Some come to love the Masterbuilt 40″ Electric Smoker, and others report horror stories of their smokers breaking in less than 2 years of time. Keep this in mind before buying, serious problems can plague your Masterbuilt Smoker (or any electric smoker). If you want durability and a guaranteed long life span, go with a high quality charcoal smoker.

Masterbuilt 40″ vs. Masterbuilt 30″ Smoker

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  • Masterbuilt 40″ Smoker: The Masterbuilt 40″ Smoker will cost you nearly hundreds of dollars more than the smaller model. What will you get for the price bump? Over 200 Square Inches of extra cooking space, a stainless steel body, remote control control of temperature settings, a front side window, and a side access wood chip tray. Overall, some pretty nice upgrades to a solid electric smoker build.
  • Masterbuilt 30″ Smoker: The Masterbuilt 30″ Smoker offers no serious upgrades compared to its 40″ bigger brother model. Now, the good thing about this is that it will deliver the same results as the Masterbuilt 40″ with all things being equal. If all you want are smoked meats cooked in an electric smoker, you may as well save and go with the Masterbuilt 30″ model.


  • Masterbuilt 40″ Smoker: You will be surprised at how sharp looking the Masterbuilt 40″ Smoker will look on your patio. If you need to smoke in colder temperatures, the Masterbuilt 40″ can fare the colder weather better than the 30″. Nice little additions like being able to set and change the temperature with the remote controller is cool, so too is the front window panel. Design is where the Masterbuilt 40″ Smoker triumphs over the Masterbuilt 30″.
  • Masterbuilt 30″ Smoker: The Masterbuilt 30″ Smoker looks fine, but it is not attractive. Another fault is that the Masterbuilt 30″ is not nearly as well insulated as the 40″ model. Interior wise, both smokers are essentially the same. One difference though is the wood chip tray, the Masterbuilt 30″ employs a rear access rather than a side access, but some prefer the 30″ style.

Best for Whom?:

  • Masterbuilt 40″ Smoker: 1. If You Need Space. You will have nearly 1000 Square Inches of space to cook in, this may even be too much. 2. Attractive. Stainless steel looks so nice on a patio, great to pair with a stainless steel grill. 3. More Automation. With remote control access, the Masterbuilt 40″ is even simpler to operate and fine-tune.
  • Masterbuilt 30″ Smoker: 1. Just Want the Basics. If you just need a semi-automated electric smoker without major thrills, go with the 30″ Smoker. 2. Price Conscious. Significant savings will be had with this sub-a hundred of dollars smoker. 3. Family Smoking. Cooking for only a family of four is best done in smaller smokers to save on time and energy costs.


  • The Masterbuilt 40″ Electric Smoker is essentially a pure upgrade over the Masterbuilt 30″ Smoker. If you are willing to spend a hundred of dollars extra to get these upgrades, then you should go ahead and so so. Otherwise, both smokers will deliver superb results for electric smokers. Quality of the smoked meats will hardly differ between either smokers. The Masterbuilt 40″ just happens to be the more convenient, attractive, and larger of the the smokers.

Value for Money? 

  • The Masterbuilt 40″ Electric Smoker will make for a nice, all-around smoker model for anyone on the market for an electric smoker. A massive amount of cooking space may be too much for you if you only need a family smoker, but if you plan on smoking for parties and family gatherings, you are going to need all the extra space. With all that space, you are best served smoking traditional  favorites like racks of ribs, brisket, and pork butt. Remote control access, a front view window, and a stainless steel exterior are all nice additions to an already solid smoker. Overall, we give the Masterbuilt 40″ Electric Smoker receives a total of 3.5/5 stars.

**You might also benefit from buying the add on cold smoker kit compatible with this smoker. You can read the review here for the Masterbuilt 20070112 Cold Smoking Kit for Digital Smoker 

Where to Buy:

Amazon – Masterbuilt 40″-Inch Electric Smoker  


Masterbuilt 40 Electric Smoker - Smoker Reviews Ratings,Masterbuilt,ReviewsProduct Review: Masterbuilt 40″ Electric Smoker with Window Features: 975 Square Inches of Cooking Space Remote Control Access to Smoking Time, Temperature, and Meat Temperature Redesigned Drip Pan and Wood Chip Tray Pros:  Holds Temperature. The Masterbuilt 40″ Electric Smoker will keep your meat at constant temperature, fluctuations won’t throw...Best smoker and outdoor cooking equipment reviews

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