The Masterbuilt 30 Inch Smokehouse Electric Smoker with Window is regarded as the next level of smokers. The Masterbuilt 30 electric smoker has all the features homeowners are looking for in an electric smoking appliance. It is portable, highly efficient and very sturdy.

The Masterbuilt 30 electric smoker has built-in wheels & a rear handle. These features make it very easy to move around amidst its 18.5 inches x 18.3 inches x 33.5 inches measurement and 49.9 lbs. weight.

It also features a large viewing window with an internal light. With this window, users can easily see the food being smoked inside. It also comes with a remote control so everything you want to do with the food can be accomplished with a simple push of a button. You can now set the temperature even if you’re a hundred feet away. This remote also has its own belt clip so users can make the necessary adjustments without having to stand up or move around.

Other great features of the Masterbuilt 30 Inch Smokehouse Electric Smoker with Window are its side chip loader, 4 chrome coated smoking racks, removable water pan, built-in meat probe, removable drip pan, rear-mounted grease pan, its fully insulated body and rubber sealed door. With the chip loader, users don’t need to keep opening and closing the door of this electric smoker just to add more wood chips. All you need to do is to fill the side loader with wood chips and slide it inside the smoker. The 4 chrome-coated smoking racks, on the other hand, ensure more than 2 cu. ft. of smoking capacity.

For the removable water pan, it allows users to add vinegar, juice and other stuff to spice up your food and infuse moisture. This removable water pan together with the removable drip pan and rear-mounted grease pan all ensure easy clean ups.
Masterbuilt 30 Electric Smoker Features and Specifications

  • The Masterbuilt 30 electric smoker is portable with its built-in wheels & rear handle.
  • It is stable with its 18.5 inches x 18.3 inches x 33.5 inches measurement and 49.9 lbs. weight.
  • The Masterbuilt 30 Inch Smokehouse Electric Smoker with Window has a large viewing window w/ internal light so users can easily see the food being smoked inside.
  • It comes with a remote control that can be controlled even if the user is a hundred feet away. It also comes with its own belt clip for users to make the necessary adjustments without standing up or moving around.
  • The Masterbuilt 30 Inch Smokehouse Electric Smoker with Window has a side chip loader for easy adding of wood chips (w/o the need to open and close the door of this electric smoker).
  • It has 4 chrome coated smoking racks guarantee more than 2 cu. ft. of smoking capacity.
  • It features a removable water pan for infusing moisture and spicing flavor to the food inside this Masterbuilt electric smoker.
  • Its removable drip pan, rear-mounted grease pan and removable water pan ensure easy clean ups.

Masterbuilt 20070411 30-Inch Top Controller Electric Smoker with Window and RF Controller

Masterbuilt Electric Smokehouse Smoker – Heavy Duty Capacity And Delicious Flavor

If you are serious about grilling and smoking delicious meals this spring and summer, the Masterbuilt Electric Smokehouse Smoker is a great bet. There is nothing like the delicious aroma of smoking meat to signal the approach of nice weather and fun in the sun. Masterbuilt is an accurate name for this electric type of smoker; they are pretty serious about the business of conducting cookouts. They realize that when the neighborhood smells your amazing smokehouse style cooking, you may be hosting block parties all summer long.

Masterbuilt has been a name in the cookout industry for about 40 years and creates quality products for outdoor use, with innovations to make the activities easier. Masterbuilt strives for innovation within their industry to bring consumers thoughtful, and useful, improvements.

Main Features

• Viewing window allows a better idea of how the meat is cooking
• Sturdy design
• Sealed door prevents more heat and smoke from escaping
• Electric
• Internal light
• Remote controlled
• Smoking racks are chrome-coated for easy cleaning
• Built-in meat probe
• 24-hour timer
• Automatic shutoff
• Superior temperature accuracy
• 4 smoking racks
• 2 cubic feet of cooking area
• Side-loading wood chips to prevent heat loss while smoking
• Removable water pan
• Adjustable air damper
• Removable drip tray for hassle-free cleanup

Masterbuilt 20070210 30-Inch Black Electric Analog Smoker

Masterbuilt 30-Inch Electric Analog Smoker – Cost Effective Cooking

When shopping for an electric smoker, the discerning individual will always take a few things into consideration. Normally, a person will have somewhere to write down what they want. Among the things to consider is the pricing of the commodity. If the pricing is too high, leave it or negotiate for a better one. Hence, in order to ensure that you get your money’s worth, do sufficient research.

In the course of research, you will note that most smokers today have incorporated a lot of electronics. These electronics are there to ensure that you get the most out that cooking experience. Among the most talked about smokers in the market today is the Masterbuilt 20070210 30-Inch Electric Analog Smoker.

It comes with a variety of easy to use features. Just like any good grill, once you get the hang of it, cooking stuff on it becomes a breeze. The beauty about this smoker is that it makes for easy grilling. If you are looking for a change from the normal pace of things in the kitchen, you can try grilling something on the outside. Most guys who are trying it for the first time are always skeptical of whether the meat or the vegetables will cook sufficiently on the grill. A lot of this has to do with temperature.

The grids are chromed coated to ensure that the smoker lasts for a very long time. Traditional smokers would last for a few years before breaking down. This one however lasts a long time ensuring that you get your money’s worth. The following section covers what you need to know about this smoker.

Main Features List

• Thermostat controlled temperature
• A removable grease pan
• Water pan
• Rust and corrosion resistant wood chip tray
• Temperature gauge fitted to the door
• Three chrome coated racks for smoking

Who is it best for?

This smoker is ideal for people who love to cook on the go and outside. If you are constantly on the road with an RV you can ensure that you enjoy home cooked meals by purchasing it. If you desire a change and you want to tantalize your taste buds with something that is smoked thoroughly, then this is the cooker for you.

Pros And Cons

The Masterbuilt Electric Analog Smoker has some several pros and cons which you should explore before committing to buy it. First and foremost, this cooker is very easy to clean. Most smokers are very cumbersome to clean. The large cooking area allows for one to cook tremendously huge meals. If you hate cutting up that huge bass or halibut, then this smoker comes as a welcome relief. If you were afraid of overcooking before, this cooker will put your fears to rest. The adjustable temperature control ensures that you cook at the right temperature throughout. What’s more, it heats up quickly, and pretty much stays at that temperature for some time. For a grill and smoker, this Smoker is reasonably priced when compared to others. It is quite economical to run, and does not require much attention.

One thing that this grill has is an adjustable temperature controller which allows for easy cooking. If you are smoking halibut or something else, you can rest easy knowing that it will not overcook. The cons are simply that it comes with a poor warranty and you have to be extremely patient while cooking the food.

Why Should I Buy It?

The Smoker allows you to cook virtually anything and in large quantities.

Masterbuilt 20070210 30-Inch Electric Analog Smoker – Final Verdict

Masterbuilt Analog Smoker makes for cost effective cooking and worth a buy.

Masterbuilt 20070910 30-Inch Black Electric Digital Smoker, Top Controller

Masterbuilt 30-Inch Electric Smokehouse Smoker – Reliable, Efficient, And Tasty Results

One of the first things people think of when the seasons change to spring and summer is cookouts or backyard barbeques. The smell of delicious meat cooking is the harbinger of good weather, and great memories to come. Masterbuilt is a name in the industry that has stood for years for quality, innovation, and tasty results. They have been around for decades and provide an excellent product for a decent price.

The Masterbuilt 20070910 is sleek with its all black look and the capacity is completely amazing. This is for people who take their grilling and smoking duties seriously. Besides, you never know when that delicious aroma coming from your smoker is going to draw the entire neighborhood to your yard for an impromptu visit. This smoker can compete with the top of the line units, with many beneficial features and a great food capacity.

Main Features:

• 4 smoking racks
• Powder-coated steel exterior
• Electric
• Insulated
• Thermostat-controlled cooking temperature
• Air damper
• Removable drip pan
• Rear-mounted grease pan
• Side-loading wood chip tray
• 2 ½ cubic feet of space
• 730 square inches cooking space
• Precision digital control
• 24-hour timer
• Automatic shutoff

Who is it best for?

This electric smoker is ideal for anyone with plans to do some serious smoking. It’s great for people with large families, or who do a lot of hosting during the good weather. If you have people over often for cookouts or meals, you’ll be able to cut down on the amount of time you have to worry about the food. Just put it all in the smoker at once, and check it periodically or baste if necessary. Since this design is very user-friendly, the unit doesn’t even need to be opened to add the wood chips, which makes it really ideal for people who are just learning to manage a smoker, or experienced people who are tired of getting burned when they try to put the wood chips into other types of smokers. Young adults and older will be able to use this Masterbuilt 30-Inch Electric Smokehouse Smoker with ease.

Pros And Cons

The smoker is very efficient. The insulation keeps the smoke inside, which makes it easier to keep the heat, smoke, and flavor at optimal levels. The air damper gives greater control over the smoke level so meals can be created based upon specific preferences. The 4 smoking racks makes this a great idea for people who either like to smoke large quantities of food for storing and leftovers, or who need the space due to larger families or guests. The heating element may need to be replaced at some point in the future, so depending on the model number it may require part of the body to also be replaced. Other than that, the features make this unit easy to use and the removable drip pan catches the juices both for easy cleanup, but also to provide extra flavor for gravies and sauces.

Why you should buy it

The automatic shut-off feature is very nice to have, since it will help prevent the meat from smoking too long and drying out. The digital precision temperature control is also handy. You can set the temperature and then just maintain the cooking, add wood chips, and leave it alone for the most part. When it comes to fix-it and forget-it meals with lots of flavor, this is a fairly great bet that will give the crock pot the day off.

Masterbuilt 20070910 30-Inch Electric Smokehouse Smoker – Final Verdict

This Masterbuilt 30-Inch Electric Smokehouse Smoker offers a good value and excellent results for the money. For anyone who is looking either for cooking efficiency, large capacity, or fuss-free smoking.

Who is it best for?

This Masterbuilt 20070411 Electric Smokehouse Smoker is perfect for just about anyone. If you are brand new to smoking meat, this model allows users to control and manage the process from a convenient remote control and the auto shutoff feature means that food will not dry out. Definitely great for newbie grillers. This is not just for those who are learning though, it is also perfect for people who like to smoke meat frequently, or who host parties. If you will be inviting the neighborhood for a party, or if you host a reunion, this smoker will be able to handle the food without a problem.

Pros and Cons

This unit offers a lot of pros and not many cons. It is a larger unit, so if you do not have a lot of space you may not want to consider this unit. Otherwise, whether you smoke small amounts or large, this will do the job. The side- loading wood chip function makes it extremely easy for first-time users to cook delicious meals on the first try. It does not come with a cover, so that may be something worth investing in to keep this Masterbuilt Smokehouse Smoker nice. It is a bit heavy at around 50 pounds on its own. This will not be a unit that you will want to move a lot. If it does need to be moved, you will want to remember to remove the drip pan before tilting and rolling it. The temperature controls are extremely accurate, you can get a precise reading through the remote control, which means even if you are in the middle of something else, and you can quickly monitor the temperature.

Why you should buy it

Though Masterbuilt Smokehouse Smoker runs a little bit more than some of the entry level, and mid-range smokers in the industry, there are many additional features such as the side-load wood chip option, viewing window, and capacity that make this a bargain for anyone who wants to smoke large quantities of food, and who wants to use it frequently.

Masterbuilt 30-Inch Electric Smokehouse Smoker – Final Verdict

With the huge capacity, one could make meals for the entire week in one day and feed a small family, or could even feed a large family for a couple days. Anyone who is capable of running grills and smokers will be able to easily figure out and use this Masterbuilt 20070411 Electric Smokehouse Smoker.

Masterbuilt 30 Electric Smoker Customer Reviews and Ratings

Checking out different customer reviews for the Masterbuilt 30 electric smoker, this electric smoker is really one to beat. It has everything users could possibly want in an electric smoker at home. It is definitely a big improvement from the “non-RF” model, especially with its wheels which work whenever you tilt the machine; the light inside; as well as the meat thermometer and the handheld remote control. Though users wish that they can see the current temperature inside the smoker, these users are already happy with how it operates and with its solid construction.

A majority of users mention that they highly recommend the Masterbuilt 30 Inch Smokehouse Electric Smoker with Window because they find it very easy to use. They also find the internal light a great help when loading & unloading meat; plus, its remote control and temperature control are really amazing. If there is one down side users seem to notice about this electric smoker – it’s the glass window. Of course, the moment it starts cooking it will get cloudy & smokey inside. Nonetheless, even if the glass gets dirty easily, users will still be able to see the food inside. Click here to read more customer reviews…

Overall, the Masterbuilt 30 electric smoker is a good buy and it is really a good investment.  Its reviews are very positive and optimistic. The issue about the glass window getting cloudy and dirty easily is also considered by users as minor. Thus, having a very high 4.3 star rating for average customer reviews and very affordable price, it is safe to say that the Masterbuilt 30 Inch Smokehouse Electric Smoker with Window is definitely well worth it.

Masterbuilt 30 Electric Smoker - Smoker Reviews Ratings McNElectricThe Masterbuilt 30 Inch Smokehouse Electric Smoker with Window is regarded as the next level of smokers. The Masterbuilt 30 electric smoker has all the features homeowners are looking for in an electric smoking appliance. It is portable, highly efficient and very sturdy. The Masterbuilt 30 electric smoker has built-in...Best smoker and outdoor cooking equipment reviews

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