The Jim Beam Bradley Digital Smoker makes everything easy. Automation and precision are finally a reality for the at home smoked meats fanatic. Just load your meats into the smoker, select the program, and in a few hours you will have more than enough smokey and moist meats to feed an entire family.

Product Review: Jim Beam Bradley Digital Smoker

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Price Range: Various prices


  • 14 by 24 by 31 Inches
  • Fully Electric, Plug It in and Go
  • 520 Square Inches of Smoking Space
  • 280 degrees Fahrenheit Maximum Temperature


  1. Automation. Temperature, time, and smoke can all be selected by the push of a button. With the Bradley Digital Smoker you’ll no longer be tied down to your smoker adding fresh wood chips every thirty minutes and checking the temperature. Bradley delivers the goods, robotic delivery of their own ‘Briquettes’ will keep the smokey flavor coming in without any work on your part. Just plug in the temperature, the cooking time, and the smoking time, that’s it, you’re food will cook itself.
  2. Multitask. Smoked meats should make the centerpiece of any decent party. However, it’s always nice to have a few side dishes and a desert. With all the extra time on your hands due to the automated smoking process, you can make your favorite sides. Kick back and watch the game after everything else is done. Cookouts should be fun, not full of drudgery attending to a smoker.
  3. Perfect for Beginners up to Masters. Smokers can be intimidating, the long cooking process and the diversity of smokers looks like a complex science to the inexperienced. Electric smokers make for the best introduction to anyone new to the world of smoking. The Jim Beam Bradley Smoker is as good as it gets for a first time smoker, all you have to do is select a few options on a panel and that is it. However, even pit masters can love the Bradley Digital Smoker due to the precision and ease of the machine. We all want smoked meats, not hard work. Diversity of the Bradley Briquettes will surprise the palette of even the most experienced of smokers.
  4. Fine Tune Your Smoker. For most smokers, you’re stuck with a constant smoke output independent of anything you do. Bradley offers something entirely different with this smoker, you can actually choose how much smoke hits your meats. This is an amazing innovation. Some prefer meats with extra smoke flavor, others like their meats a little less smokey. Even better, the Bradley Briquettes come in a whole spectrum of flavors, including the traditional apple and mesquite, but also unique flavors like whiskey oak and pecan.
  5. Turkeys, ribs, pork butt, and brisket all come out great. Many smokers will end up having trouble with bigger slabs of meat and whole birds, the Jim Beam Smoker will work through them without trouble. Want to smoke burgers, chicken, or fish? The Bradley will deliver perfect results here too.
  6. Stainless Steel Build. Expect this unit to last. Construction of the Bradley Smoker is made with care and it shows. Rust will not trouble you, even while living in extra humid environments. If you do not like the Jim Beam decal, you can peel it off without too much trouble.
  7. 4 Smoking Racks Totaling for 520 Square Inches of Cooking Space. With all this space, you’re going to to be smoke for whole armies! Thanksgiving for a whole family will not be a problem. Want a 25 lb turkey, smoked potatoes, and even a bit of ham for the holiday? No problem, it will all fit into the Bradley without a problem. Even if you’re smoking for a family of four, it won’t feel as if you’re ‘wasting resources’ because this machine runs off low-cost electricity.
  8. Holds the Temperature. With a quality build, the Jim Beam Digital Smoker will not leak heat. Insulation on this Bradley unit is solid. Smoking in the Winter, on windy days, or even in extra humid environments will not phase this smoker. Keep this smoker going in any season at any time of the year, don’t be forced to stop smoking for four months due to the cold.


  1. Special Briquettes (Bisquettes) from Bradley Required. Wood chunks and wood chips used in most smokers will not function in the Bradley Digital Smoker, you’ll be forced to use the briquettes. Now, the briquettes are of great quality and will flavor your meats better than many low grade wood chips on the market. Cost of these briquettes can get a bit high, but only be a small margin (25% perhaps).
  2. Internal Meat Thermometer Needed. While the built in thermometer is quite nice and works well, it tends to run a bit high on temperature readouts by 10 degrees Fahrenheit. To get precise measurements, you’re going to need a digital thermometer to take internal readings of the meats.
  3. Temperature Control Difficult to Access. Unfortunately Bradley placed the temperature control panel on the ground. This means you’re going to have to bend down to use the control panel. Since you should only need to use the control panel twice, once to start it up and once to shut it down, it won’t wear you down too much.

Bradley Digital Smoker vs Masterbuilt Smoker

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  • The Jim Beam Bradley Digital Smoker is going to cost you nearly twice as much as the Masterbuilt Electric Smoker. What are you getting for the increased price? Well, the stainless steel design and the full automation are the biggest draws of the Bradley Digital Smoker. Both of these features are attractive and warrant the price increase in my opinion, but that is not to say the Masterbuilt Electric Smoker is a poor smoker.


  • Automation is the biggest divide between these two smokers. With the Masterbuilt Electric Smoker, you are going to have to add fresh wood chips every 30 minutes for a period of three hours or so. This gets tedious after a while, and heaven’s forbid you forget to add in fresh chips for a cycle. The Bradley Digital Smoker will add wood briquettes all on its own and deliver the perfect amount of smoke no problem. Both smokers run off electricity, and cooking space is near identical for both. Expect a longer lifespan out of the Bradley Digital Smoker due to its stainless steel build.

Best for Whom?:

  • Bradley Digital Smoker: 1. Those Needing Automation. If you are looking for an automated smoker, this is as good as it gets. Some of us are unable to tend to a smoker with absolute attention, the Jim Beam Smoker will get us out of that tedium. 2. Those Wanting a Perfect Smoke. Robots versus humans, who wins? With the Bradley Digital Smoker you’re going to unlock incredible amounts of precision in determining smoke levels within the smoker. With the diversity of briquette flavors, you will get results of supreme quality.
  • Masterbuilt Electric Smoker: 1. Folks New to Smoking. At less than hundreds of dollars, this electric smoker is one of the most affordable models on the market. As a whole, the Masterbuilt Electric Smoker is simple to operate and delivers fantastic results. 2. Anyone Wanting to Experiment with Electric Smokers. If you are used to charcoal or propane smoker and want to see what electric smokers are like, the Masterbuilt model is perhaps the best all-around introduction.


  • Both smokers will leave you happy no matter which you choose. If you are ready to drop more than hundreds of dollars on a smoker, the Jim Beam Electric Digital Smoker will not serve you wrong. Automation and stainless steel justify the high expense, but it’s understandable if the high price deters you. If you still want a quality electric smoker, but don’t want to pay over hundreds of dollars, then go with the Masterbuilt Electric Smoker.

Value for Money? 

  • Even at a high price point, the Bradley Digital Smoker justifies itself due to the automation technology and stainless steel build of the smoker. If you’ve ever wanted to smoke turkeys or hams for the holidays, or just wanted to cook great meats for friends at a party, the Bradley Electric Smoker makes everything easy. While you’ll be forced to use Bradley Briquettes in this smoker, the quality of these little wooden pucks is higher than regular wood chips you would find in the store. Overall, we give the Jim Beam Bradley Digital Smoker a total of 5/5stars.

Where to Buy:,ReviewsThe Jim Beam Bradley Digital Smoker makes everything easy. Automation and precision are finally a reality for the at home smoked meats fanatic. Just load your meats into the smoker, select the program, and in a few hours you will have more than enough smokey and moist meats to...Best smoker and outdoor cooking equipment reviews

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