Smoke meats indoors in under an hour! Smoked meats come out perfectly tender and moist. Making a great deal even better, the Emson Electric Smoker requires only a fraction of the fuel and wood chips of traditional smokers…

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Product Review: Emson Electric 5QT. Smoker


  • Smoke Meats Indoors
  • Saves on Time and Fuel Costs
  • Functions Also as a Pressure Cooker
  • Use Your Favorite Wood Chips for Flavor


  • Smoke meats in only a tenth of the time required for traditional smokers. Whether it be an outdoors electric or charcoal smoker, smoking meats can take anywhere from five through ten hours to smoke completely. The Emson Electric 5QT Smoker will finish any smoking job in less than an hour. No longer will you have to sit around the patio babysitting a smoker the entire day just to have smoked meat. With the Emson Electric Smoker you can literally set it and forget it for one hour, and return to meat that is infused with all that smokey flavor.
  • Emson does not compromise on flavor, enjoy the smokiness expected from traditional smokers. Included with the Emson Electric Smoker is a tray at the bottom of the device that allows for wood chip additions. Choose whatever your favorite flavor happens to be, and add a few chips to the smoking tray. The Electric Smoker will smoke the chips and infuse all the food in the Smoker with the flavor so desired.
  • Precision is key though, with the Emson, only a few chips need to be added at a time to get the fully smokey taste. This will save big time on the costs of buying wood chips to smoke meats with. My own favorite wood chip flavor is mesquite. With the Emson Electric Smoker, I simply have to add four or five of the chips I normally use in a standard smoker. The mesquite flavor transfers into the food, and the smokey smell of mesquite empties into my kitchen after everything is done cooking.
  • Meats cooked in the Emson are fall off the bone tender. Cooking in the Emson really reflects that it is designed to be both a smoker and a pressure cooker. Smoke, heat, and moisture are all perfectly contained in the Emson Electric Smoker, making for these quick and efficient cook times. When using traditional smokers, I rarely ever can get the meats to be as tender and moist as when using the Emson. Now, the meats are not as crispy and browned as I would like. To fix that, I like to use the oven to broil the meats for about seven minutes. This makes the meats a bit more crispy, while still retaining that inner moisture and tenderness.
  • Cook for your family every night with the Emson. Traditional smokers can only be used on special occasions or weekends due to the costs and time commitments of them. With the Emson, time nor cost are at all a factor. You could literally smoke meats every night for dinner no problem with the Emson. Honestly, the Emson makes preparing dinner far easier than most dishes. Just throw in the meat you want cooked, and within an hour you will find perfectly flavorful smoked meat. No complex recipes, only minimal prep work is required.
  • For anyone living in an apartment or condo, the Emson Electric Smoker is the best way to smoke meats. Sadly, apartment dwellers have little to no access of outdoor patio space. This makes grilling and smoking practically impossible. With the Emson Electric Smoker, this problem is finally solved. Remember though, the Emson delivers smokey flavor, not necessarily the experiences that accompany traditional smoking. Do not invite a massive party over for the game and promise smoked meats, you will not be able to deliver. Also, be aware that there is a smokey smell that goes with the Emson. This means that you may get in trouble if your apartment is designated as “No Smoking”.


  • The Emson Electric Smoker does leave a lasting smokey smell. After smoking the meats, you will need to release the pressure on the unit and the smell of smoke will enter your kitchen. I would advise to turn on the vent above the stove to high for a couple hours after this happens. Likely the smell will linger for the remainder of the day. Personally, I keep live plants in the kitchen to act as deodorizers, and they seem to help in this process. Also, you should weigh whether or not it is worth using an indoor smoker if your house or apartment is supposed to be ‘Smoke Free’.
  • Cleanup of the Emson can be a pain. Design of the Emson Electric Smoker simply is not that great. This becomes most frustrating when it comes time for cleanup. The metal racks provided to smoke meat on simply are of low quality, and quite a nuisance to get completely clean. Problems also come up when cleaning the cooking bowl as the electric node is not supposed to get wet, so you have to just use a wet sponge to soak up a lot of the mess leftover. Finally, the smokey smell does not leave the Emson, it always seems to linger on the machine no matter what.
  • As an electronic pressure cooker, the Emson is not that great. Compared to something like the Instant Pot, I find the Emson Electric Smoker to be lacking. Functions for pressure cooking on the Emson are limited and a bit of a pain to setup. With the Instant Pot, electric pressure cooking is so simple and easy. With that said, I would only recommend using the Emson for the smoking functions.

Emson Electric Smoker vs Masterbuilt Electric Smoker

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Ease of Use

  • While both the Emson and the Masterbuilt are easy to use, the Emson is the clear winner. Smoking meats in less than an hour is as easy as it gets. Plus, the Emson is entirely self-contained and can take care of itself. With the Masterbuilt Electric Smoker, some work on the part of the user is required.


  • I prefer the design of the Masterbuilt over Emson. Masterbuilt offers a solidly built unit with no noticeable defects. Plus, it looks nice on the patio. With the Emson Electric Smoker, I am left with a product that is not that solidly built. Another problem arises as to where to store my Emson Smoker. I can not leave it on the patio, and I would rather not leave it on the kitchen countertop due to the smokey smell.

Quality of Smoked Meats

  • Positives exist for both models. With the Emson Electric Smoker I am able to smoke meats in no time at all, and still get meat that has a rich smokey flavor. Plus, the meats from the Emson tend to be some of the most tender and moist of all smoked meats. The Masterbuilt Electric Smoker allows for cooking large amounts of meat at one time. Plus, the Masterbuilt smokes meat cleanly and efficiently, yielding moist and tender meat.


    • If I had patio space available, I would go with the Masterbuilt Electric Smoker. Overall I think the Masterbuilt is a lasting investment, whereas I do not feel the Emson Electric Smoker will last beyond two or three years. However, the Emson is still a great choice for anyone in need of an indoors smoker.
    • Read Review of Masterbuilt Electric Smoker
  • The Emson Electric Smoker is perhaps the best indoor smoker currently on the market. Being able to smoke meats in less than an hour is a revolutionary achievement. Plus, the low costs of operation make the Emson an attractive investment for anyone tired of wood chip and fuel costs. Finally, the Emson Smoker is so easy to operate that smoking meats on a nightly basis is possible. Overall, I give the Emson Electric Smoker a total of 4/5 stars.,Indoors,ReviewsSmoke meats indoors in under an hour! Smoked meats come out perfectly tender and moist. Making a great deal even better, the Emson Electric Smoker requires only a fraction of the fuel and wood chips of traditional smokers… Product Review: Emson Electric 5QT. Smoker Features: Smoke Meats Indoors Saves on Time...Best smoker and outdoor cooking equipment reviews

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