Masterbuilt Butterball Professional Series Indoor Electric Turkey Fryer – Scrumptious Taste Whenever You Want at a Great Value

Turkey frying has become one of the most popular methods for creating a tasty, succulent meal but the frying process is not always easy. Many turkey fryers have to be placed outside in specific areas to avoid potential fire hazards. When you want fried turkey, you do not necessarily want to traipse outdoors to find the perfect level, treeless spot where you can use the fryer. The solution is the Masterbuilt Butterball Professional Series Indoor Electric Turkey Fryer. This little fryer is ideal for frying turkeys regardless of the weather. Holidays, birthdays, and other celebrations can all involve this delicious dish.

Masterbuilt has been creating quality products for many decades so that multiple generations have enjoyed savory creations and secret family recipes with their backyard grilling and barbeques. The company has been around for a while and has maintained the same level of quality in their products with the goal to make them affordable for just about anyone. After all, everyone deserves a delicious fried turkey now and then.

Main Features

Here are some of the features that you can expect from one of these units:

• Stainless steel exterior
• Uses less oil
• Handles turkeys up to 14 pounds
• Porcelain-coated inner pot
• 30 minute oil heating time
• Drain clip on fry basket
• Concealed storage for electrical cord
• 90-day warranty
• Only about 20 pounds
• Window for viewing turkey while cooking
• Shortens cooking time for turkey
• Can fry other foods
• Automatic shutoff safety feature
• Built-in odor filter
• Ready light indicates when oil is ready
• Space-saving design
• Steaming and boiling options
• Model: 20010109

Who is it best for?

The easy-to-operate design of this unit makes it perfect for those who have never fried a turkey before, as well as those who fry turkeys on a regular basis. Anyone who is looking for a change in the kitchen and wants to try out something new would be proud to have this Turkey Fryer. Fryers are a great way to experiment with a variety of food types, breading, and other recipes. Even desserts can be made in this unit.

Pros and Cons

The cleanup is significantly easier with this so it really is perfect for trying to feed medium and large families as well as smaller ones who want to take advantage of the delicious leftovers. The space-saving design means that it can be used even in kitchens with limited space and the fact that it is so versatile also means that it will handle a variety of foods successfully. Like any traditional fryer it does use oil which in some cases is required by the city to be properly recycled after it is used, but the good news is that this fryer uses up to 33% less oil than traditional fryers, so it will be less waste and less hassle. The versatility has been briefly mentioned, but seafood, fish, onion rings, and donuts could be fried in this. Healthier options are available as well with the boiling and steaming options for a fried-free meal that is better on the heart but still satisfying when it comes to flavor.

Why you should buy it

With this list of attractive features, it is obvious that this powerful machine is one that would be at home in anyone’s kitchen. Essentially, if you have ever wanted to fry a turkey, fry donuts, or steam crab, Masterbuilt Butterball Professional Series Indoor Electric Turkey Fryer is the machine for you. The versatility makes this one a purchase that will be more than worth the amount spent.

Masterbuilt Butterball Professional – Final Verdict

This Turkey Fryer is extremely well priced for the type of quality offered and for the convenience of being able to use it indoors regardless of weather.

Masterbuilt 20100809 – Reliable, Healthy, And Delicious Results

If you have been looking forward to fried turkey only to be disappointed by the reality of oil expenses, recycling and disposal then you will definitely appreciate a unit that is oil-free. Masterbuilt 20100809 Butterball Oil-Free Electric Turkey Fryer is also an excellent alternative if you are seeking something healthier than fried turkey and other fried foods. In addition to oil-free frying, this compact unit is also able to handle roasting jobs as well. Masterbuilt has been in a name in the cooking appliance industry and has always been focused on quality construction and cooking results. This Oil-Free Electric Turkey Fryer is reliable and a much healthier alternative to the oil-based fryers.

Main Features

Below is an abbreviated list of benefits and features for this particular fryer/roaster:

• Adjustable temperature
• Thermostat for consistent temperatures
• Overheating prevention
• Fryer basket with handle
• Turkey stand for optimal cooking
• Infrared cooking technology
• Wood chip box
• Electric
• Sturdy construction
• Removable drip pan
• Use with or without seasonings
• Versatile since it can be used with other foods
• 90 day limited warranty
• Model: 20100809

Who is it best for?

This Turkey Fryer is a great alternative to frying turkeys with oil. It is much healthier, and a lot easier to clean up due to the lack of leftover oil. This would be wonderful for people who lead busier lives and want home-cooked decent meals that are big on taste, low on fat, and do not take forever to cook. Whether a person lives alone and wants to have a turkey for the week, or if there is a larger family that requires more portions, this will be able to deliver moist, delicious turkeys with very little effort.

This is perfect for hectic Thanksgiving dinners, or for having turkeys more often throughout the year. The unique infrared cooking style does crisp the skin of a turkey but of course is a bit different than something that has been deep-fried. Anyone who does not have a lot of space will appreciate this compact unit.

Pros and Cons

Cooking turkeys in this Masterbuilt 20100809 Butterball Oil-Free Electric Turkey Fryer turns out a reliable and tasty result each time. Other foods can also be cooked but treat the foods similarly to how you do when roasting them. If the drip pan is not food-safe, fill it with an aluminum pan so that you can easily get the drippings to use in sauces or gravies. Also while this has an easy-carry basket for the turkey, it may drip when being carried so make sure to have something to catch drippings while transporting it. Warming up the unit takes a bit longer depending on the setting you need. Be prepared to add up to an hour to preheat the unit for the best results. Also make sure that foods are completely thawed or the results will not be as reliable. Using any sugar-based rub or coating on your food will most likely create a black layer, but depending on the food may still offer juicy meat underneath. You can use spices since there is no oil to wash them away, which should result in lots of flavor. The wood chip box is a nice addition for a smokehouse flavor.

Why you should buy it

The Turkey Fryer offers those who want a healthier turkey option the chance to have that without the mass quantities of oil needed for turkeys. This is especially important if you would like to have turkey more often but have not been able to due to the cost of oil or annoying cleanup.

Masterbuilt Butterball Oil-Free Electric Turkey Fryer – Final Verdict

This Turkey Fryer is a great product that can produce moist meats and poultry at a very reasonable price. McNFryerMasterbuilt Butterball Professional Series Indoor Electric Turkey Fryer – Scrumptious Taste Whenever You Want at a Great Value Turkey frying has become one of the most popular methods for creating a tasty, succulent meal but the frying process is not always easy. Many turkey fryers have to be placed outside...