Bayou Classic Outdoor Aluminum Fish Cooker – Great Value, Excellent Results

For many years, Bayou has been creating innovative cooking solutions that are of the highest quality, while maintaining a degree of simplicity and elegance. Their goal to make high quality product affordable for everyone is obvious in the way Bayou Classic 2212 Aluminum Outdoor Fish Cooker Set is created.

Everyone gets tired of the same old fare when it comes to food, so spring and summer are great times to switch things up a little bit. If you are tired of the traditional hot dog and hamburger fare that are so prevalent during the summer, try frying up some fish that will be ready to eat in minutes. This would be great for summer parties where guests arrive at all times, or bring friends that you were not expecting. They will be sitting down to a memorable, delicious meal in no time at all.

Main Features

• Easy minimal assembly
• 10 Quart pot
• Clip on thermometer
• Easy to read red-zone on thermometer alerts you to any overheating
• Single-burner stove
• Tripod base for stability
• About 19 inches tall
• Durable aluminum construction
• Perforated basket
• Stock pot can also be used on stove-top
• Safety handle on basket for easy removal

Who is it best for?

This fish fryer is ideal for those who want something new that is easy to use, or for those who would love the opportunity to try making their own deep fried treats. Those who enjoy making their own breading and creating their own recipes will enjoy tasting the results of their labors with the Bayou Classic Outdoor Aluminum Fish Cooker. Even if you live alone, you will get good use out of this and be able to enjoy tasty meals. It is also great for anyone with larger families, or for people who hold gatherings, family reunions, graduation parties, and other get- together. It is no doubt that with this Bayou Classic Aluminum Outdoor Fish Cooker Set you will likely end up hosting the entire neighborhood at some point. This would be great for beginning deep fry cooks, or those who are deep fry gurus.

Pros and Cons

Though the stockpot is a 10 quart pot, a little could be fried at a time, or a lot. The construction of this unit is sturdy but there are a couple of things to take note of before using. If you live in a windy area try wrapping the legs with tinfoil to avoid possible sparks and potential fires if you cannot find an area that is protected from the wind. Also for your first use, consider putting a container of water on it and burn on high for about ½ an hour to burn off the paint and to prevent it from catching fire. Whenever your fish fry is done make sure to close the propane isolation valve in addition to the regulator valve. This great fish cooker offers reliable results short of an industrial grade deep fryer and is ideal for cooking up something new and fresh.

Why you should buy it

This fish deep fryer does much more than cook fish. There are many other foods, which can be fried in this device for a nice change of pace. Consider trying to make your own onion rings, fried scallops, chicken tenders, shrimp, peppers, or even desserts. Try your hand at making homemade donuts or a deep fried candy bar.

Bayou Classic Outdoor Aluminum Fish Cooker – Final Verdict

If you want food that is out of the ordinary the Bayou Classic Fish Cooker Set is the product for you.

Bayou Classic B159 – Every Outdoor Cook’s Companion

Cooking under stars or in this case outside has become a growing trend, which a lot of people are rapidly adopting. The allure of having a home cooked meal outside is just too good to pass up. Hence, you will find a lot of people making sure that they have an outdoor cooker just in case the craving of cooked meal outside strikes them. When shopping for an outdoor cooker, there are many factors that come into play before you make the final decision. For instance, versatility is one of them. You always have to ask yourself whether you are only limited to cooking the dish that is on the label, or you can get adventurous and try cooking some other meats and finding out how it will turn out.

The Bayou Classic B159 Outdoor Fish Cooker is proving to be the darling of many outdoor cuisine enthusiasts. Bayou is a household name when it comes to providing very high quality merchandise. Hence, you can trust that that this cooker is one of the best out there. If you are looking for something that will leave your meats and foods tasting exquisitely, then this is the best fit for you.

Main Features List

• 10 pound psi regulator
• A braided rubber hose
• A 21-inch tall steel frame
• A 14 inch frame in diameter
• 360 degree aluminum protector
• A cast iron pan
• A perforated aluminum basket

Who Is It Best For?

This Fish Cooker is ideal for people who want to try out something different. If you are on the road and you like to cook, this portable cooker is an ideal fit for you. You can connect to the propane tank in your RV and get started on cooking. If you like to cook while watching the stars, then you should definitely try this cooker out. It is bound to blow our mind in more ways than you can imagine. This cooker is also ideal for campers and people who regularly have cookouts. The beauty about this cooker is that it is not limited only to fish, you can use it cook chicken and other meats.

Pros And Cons

Are you wondering about the benefits and demerits of undertaking such a move? Well, there are a couple of them you should definitely look out. Bayou Outdoor Fish Cooker comes with a hose where one can connect a propane tank to fire up the grill. The 10 pound per square inch regulator comes in handy when you want to use the cooker safely. The cooker is portable and one can move it from point A to point B without unnecessarily straining themselves in anyway. This is the reason why it is popular with a majority of the campers out there. Since it is large, one can use it when there is a lot of company around. Cookouts in particular are great to try out with this cooker. Just to see how effective it is. As was mentioned earlier this cooker can be used to cook other meats as well hence it does not remain idle in anyway.

However, with those pros the cons are also there. While most cookers are pre-seasoned, this one does not. That is why most people spend a lot of time trying to season it in order to make it useable. The paint on the inside also makes it very difficult to use when it is heated.

Why Should You Buy It?

It is portable, economical on a large scale and very safe to use.

Bayou Classic B159 Outdoor Fish Cooker – Final Verdict

The Bayou Classic Outdoor Fish Cooker is definitely worth considering, especially if you like to cook outdoors.

Bayou Classic Outdoor Sportsman’s Choice Fish Cooker – The Ideal Feature-Filled Choice

When you are looking to fry meat on the outdoors, there are a myriad of ways you can go about it. You can use your neighbor’s grill or have a makeshift one to get the job done. If you are looking to try out something different, then you should contemplate about acquiring the Bayou Classic Outdoor Sportsman’s Choice Fish Cooker. This cooker comes with an astounding array of features that make it the number one choice for people who like to cook in the outdoors.

Bayou is a household name as far as grills and outdoor cookers are concerned. Year in year out, they consistently churn out bigger and better products. The Bayou Classic Outdoor Sportsman’s Choice Fish Cooker is just one of the many in a long line.

Main Features List

• A cast iron fry pot with a lid
• A perforated aluminium basket
• 360 degree widescreen protector
• A high pressure burner with a 10 pound PSI regulator
• A 21 inch welded frame
• 14 inch diameter for cooking
• Item model number: B135

Who is it best for?

This great Fish Cooker is ideal for folks who are into outdoor cooking. Do you like to have barbecues in your place? Or do you have cook outs once in a while? The Sportsman’s Choice Fish Cooker is your best bet of making it a very memorable experience. If you have a camper, it is ideal for tailgating and cooking while you are on the move.

Pros and cons

When you are using this cooker, you are bound to experience a few merits and demerits. The following are some of them highlighted in great detail. If you intend to buy Bayou Sportsman’s Choice Fish Cooker, the first benefit that you will derive from it is that you can use it to fry fish on a large scale. Normal grills do not really accommodate meats for large scale roasting. Hence, when you have this one you can be very efficient in your cookout or party that you are hosting. You can also use the cooker to prepare other meats as well, hence ensuring that it does not really become idle. The cords that come with it are attached for safety. A variety of home grill accidents are as a result of not really taking care of your equipment.

Hence, the cords are somewhat of a safety measure which prevent accidents from happening especially gas related ones. This cooker is also very easy to use and one can get used to it in no time. This cooker also has an allowance for you to connect it with a propane tank. The rubber hose and a gauge allow you to make readings so that you can use it safely. However, where there are positives there must be some negatives. In this case, when you are using this cooker you are bound to encounter the problem of stripping paint on the inside. The inside and the outside are all coated black meaning that when you heat the cooker, you will smell the odor of the paint burning. It is very difficult to clean unlike other pots. The very fact it is not seasoned enough makes it very difficult to use at the outset because seasoning it is an all too involving process that is basically a nightmare. Shipping for the cooker also looks a bit of a challenge.

Why should you buy it?

This Fish Cooker is ideal for cooking just about any type of meat you can think of. Hence, it cannot really stay idle without someone to use it.

Bayou Classic Outdoor Sportsman’s Choice Fish Cooker – Final Verdict

From all the ideal features stated above, Bayou Sportsman’s Choice Fish Cooker should be the ideal grilling and frying companion, if you do not want to spend much. Classic Outdoor Aluminum Fish Cooker – Great Value, Excellent Results For many years, Bayou has been creating innovative cooking solutions that are of the highest quality, while maintaining a degree of simplicity and elegance. Their goal to make high quality product affordable for everyone is obvious in the way...Best smoker and outdoor cooking equipment reviews

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