With the help of an electric smoker, you will be able to smoke meat easily. That is why it is the most convenient way to smoke your meat. Compared to the traditional charcoal smoker, with an electric smoker, you can just set it and do something else. See how convenient that is? Smoking meat is a very meticulous process if done with a traditional smoker. But when you smoke meat with an electric smoker, not only will it be very convenient, you will also be bringing out the best flavour of the meat.

One thing you should note about electric smokers is that you shouldn’t use them during the colder months unless they are insulated properly. The reason is, the heat will escape quickly and monitoring the temperature will be a lot harder. If you want a an electric smoker that you can use in any kind of season, you can opt for horizontal electric smokers. They are more durable, but the downside is, they take up a lot more space.

An electric smoker alone won’t be able to produce the authentic smokehouse barbecue flavour that you are looking for. You will need wood chips to get that flavour. A lot of people wonder how electric smokers work with wood chips. Most of these electric smokers are already designed for this. You will usually find the area for the wood chips right under the heat source. There are a lot of great choices for wood chips like hickory, cedar, plum, alder, maple and cherry. But which one should you choose? Here are the best wood chips for electric smokers.

Weber Apple Wood Chips


  • Creates less dense smoke
  • Gives a fruity flavour that works best with pork and poultry
  • Will add wood smoke flavour
  • Available in a 3-Pound bag

The Weber Apple wood chips is an excellent choice for adding an apple wood smoke savour to the meat you are smoking. It can also be a suitable option for briquettes as a grilling heat source. You will get a mildly sweet and fruity taste when you use these wood chips. As mentioned above, the Weber Apple Wood chips is ideal for poultry, game birds, and pork (especially ham). It works wonders for adding flavour to slow cooked meat. Just make sure you know what you’re doing and don’t go overboard with putting wood chips in the smoker. Just remember, the chips are good sized, so a little bit goes a long way. You really can’t go wrong with using Weber Apple Wood for your electric smoker cooker. They will really provide a mouth-watering flavour to the meat.

Mesquite Wood Smoking Chips


  • 100% natural
  • Made of kiln dried wood
  • Perfect for charcoal, gas grills and electric smokers

Mesquite has long been used by Southerners when smoking meat. That’s because it produces a strong, hard and sweet flavour all at the same time. These flavours are why mesquite wood for smoking is an very popular choice for many. These wood chips are mainly used in adding a wood smoky taste to food that is cooked on electric smokers. They can also be used in gas and charcoal grills. It is an excellent choice if you want to smoke rich and full-bodied meats like chicken, duck, lamb and beef. It can also be used to flavour seafood and vegetables. The size of the bag is comparable to that which you would find in a local box store, but there are two important difference in this particular brand. First, the ratio of heart wood to bark is approximately 80/20. This is very important for red meat smoking. Second, the physical size of the chip is smaller than box store brands. This allows you to be it into electric smokers without any problems.

Jack Daniel’s Wood Smoking Chips


  • Made from Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey white oak aging barrels
  • 180 Cu. In
  • 1″ x 1″ size chips

What makes these wood chips unique is that they add a whiskey flavour to any food cooked on electric smokers, as well as charcoal and gas grills. The Jack Daniel’s Wood Smoking Chips are obtained from the barrels used in aging Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey. The reason why it has a unique colour and flavour is because the whiskey is taken in and out of the wood during the aging process. When that happens, some amount of whiskey will normally remain in these barrels when they are eventually emptied. A lot of these barrels are turned into Jack Daniel’s smoking chips. It’s pretty clever actually. The whiskey is made at America’s oldest registered distillery, which is located in Lynchburg, Tennessee. What is evident with the Jack Daniel’s Wood Smoking chips is the distinctive charcoal-mellowed taste that is produced when you use it.  Not only can you enjoy it in your drink, you can now smoke it into your food as well.

So there you go. These are the three best wood chips for electric smokers. You won’t go wrong picking any of these three brands. Of course, it will depend on which flavour you are aiming for. Hopefully, this guide will be able to help you out with that. You can also see all kinds of wood chips for smokers on amazon.


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